Quick Start Guide

Features of the PEN model-data comparison wiki site

This Wikidot site is a community-edited resource on all aspects of model-data comparison in the context of the Past Earth Network, available for all to read. Here 'community' means the members of the PEN Model-data comparison working group - we urge all those visiting the site to consider joining this group, and getting full benefits of association with this community, not to mention editing rights on the site.

Credentials needed to contribute to the site

To edit content on this site, you need

  1. to open a Wikidot account
  2. to become a member of the PEN model-data comparison wiki
  3. to sign in (to Wikidot, you do not have to sign in to PEN model-data comparison specifically)

Only PEN model-data comparison working group members can be invited to join the PEN model-data comparison wiki, and being invited is the only way to join. If you are an PEN model-data comparison working group member and would like an invitation to join the wiki, please contact Louise Sime at

Your email invitation to join will include information on how to open a (free) Wikidot account. When you open that account, you are strongly encouraged to use your Real Name as your Wikidot ID; we hope that all contributions to the PEN model-data comparison wiki have no need for anonymity.

How to contribute to the site

To create new content, follow these steps:

  1. First consider whether it would make more sense to edit an existing page on Wikipedia, or create a new page there, and link to it from the Wiki site. If not:
  2. To edit an existing page:
    1. Navigate to the page, click Edit, and an edit box will open up
  3. To add a new page:
    1. Navigate to the page from which you want to link your new content
    2. Click Edit, type in the link using the syntax (e.g.): [[[My new page]]] at a suitable place, and click Save
    3. On the edited page you can now see, click on the new link - this opens a dialog inviting you to create the page and add some content
  4. In either case, type content in the box, referring to the Help page of Wiki syntax as necessary (it's sensible to open that page in a different tab or window), and clicking on Preview periodically to examine the effect. Your content can include text, tables, lists, figures, mathematical notation (LaTeX style) and links to attached files.
  5. When satisfied, click 'Save' (this is important!), and admire the result (or re-edit).

At all times, you can refer to a quick summary of Wikidot syntax by going to Help | Wiki syntax in the top menu or just via Help (it's a good idea to have this page always open in another tab) - this page leads on to fuller Wikidot documentation.


The organisers of PEN and its working groups cannot be held responsible for any negative consequences of following advice found in these pages, or in pages on other sites to which we provide links.


Please respect other users in your use of this resource. The PEN model-data comparison working group leaders reserve the right to exclude any user from editing this site if it is considered that behaviour has been unreasonable. Please use your real name to sign your contributions. The working group leaders have additional editing rights over the web pages, but will use them sparingly. For example, they may sometimes reorganise material for consistency, but they will not normally delete material without very good reason.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License